Emily Seto
English Major, Creative Writing Concentration
Business Minor

If you asked me what my favorite book was before declaring English (Creative Writing) as my major, I would have told you that I had only read two books of fiction. That was the truth. The most common question I get is, “why are you an English major?” It’s a bit of a complicated answer but here’s what I can tell you — I wanted to learn to write stories but the English major has also guided me to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

What brought you to CSU?
I ran my own business in high school so I wanted to pursue a degree from CSU because it had (and still has) a competitive business school. I had to take two years off of school because life happened. When I picked back up at Front Range Community College, I became a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. I worked in the medical field as I continued to run my own business. I decided to resume my business degree but I was bored out of my mind with the courses. Maybe this is why never before seen movies would begin playing out of my head right in front of me. I could see the screen, hear the characters, music and sound effects. I promise, I passed these classes with flying colors. I tried writing the stories but I had no clue how to actually write fiction. I came back to CSU in Fall of 2015 and declared English with a concentration in Creative Writing and a Business minor. I will be graduating this upcoming Spring.

Favorite English class? Favorite English teacher? Favorite assignment or project?
I am taking Intermediate Creative Writing, African American Literature, Early Women Writers, Entrepreneurship, and Management. One of the best things about being an English major at CSU are the teachers. I have learned so much from Dana Masden, Camille Dungy, and Aparna Gollapudi but the best thing about them is I feel like I can go to them for anything. They all go beyond the scope of an average class because they teach in a way that leaves you feeling connected to the world.

Why is it important to study English, the Humanities?
Declaring English as my major has been the best life decision I have ever made. It’s important to study the Humanities because it teaches you to think! Being allowed to be creative, open minded, and learning that it’s ok to value individual thoughts and feelings has given me both personal and career growth. I love being free from the confinement of someone else’s answers. We are taught to make certain decisions because they fit conventional standards and the English major is anything but. With my experience, my English major has strengthened my intuition and has given me the perception and confidence in making business decisions that made me more successful than ever.

You are currently running your own business (while taking classes full-time and working in the Writing Center). Tell us more about that.
I think I am able juggle all of the above because I don’t see any of these things as work. Running my own business is a hobby. I love my classes and working in the Writing Center reminds me of being on my old basketball team. So these are all just activities that I consider to be play instead of work.

Tell us more about what it’s like working in the Writing Center.
I love working at the Writing Center because it’s such a relaxed environment. Even as writers, we can relate to the struggles of having to write papers and projects. Everyone is very willing to help in a way that is free from judgment.

Do you have any advice for English majors?
I feel like I’m the one taking advice from other English majors. I work with them and go to their readings. I see how passionate they are about their studies and I’m reminded to do what makes me happy because everything else will fall into place.

What’s your biggest priority right now?
Surviving finals is my biggest priority right now. Within five years, I look forward to applying my degree and experience to wherever my career path takes me but I would love to return to CSU to work towards a master’s in English and Business.