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Choose the English Education concentration if you wish to pursue a career in teaching English language arts. The concentration offers a range of courses in language, literature, writing, and teaching English. With this concentration, you will be eligible for an endorsement from the State of Colorado in teaching English in grades 7 to 12 grade.

To find out what classes you take in this concentration, take a look at the English Education Advising Check Sheet:

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What Are Students Saying?

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Molly Valenta

“I attribute much of my success to my writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills, which were honed during my time at CSU.”

~ Molly Valenta, BA English: English Education

“Those who understand how language works can learn just about anything – can adapt to just about anything. With an English degree, you are given access to history, philosophy, psychology, thoughtful analysis, creative and critical thinking. It gives you the foundation to truly do anything to which you set your mind.”

~Chris Hardy, BA English: English Education

Chris Hardy
Maquita Woods

“As an Afro-American woman, I appreciate the English Education program's focus on creating equitable and inclusive settings within the content and classrooms of our courses. I am confident in my ability to conduct my future classrooms with compassion and grace and have the resources to educate and inspire the world's future leaders holistically. I am seen, heard, valued, and equipped to do the same for my students. ”

~ Marquite Woods, BA English: English Education