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Humans of Eddy: Jordan Ferensic

Jordan Ferensic English major with a Linguistics concentration and a minor in Japanese Besides​ your​ current​ classes,​ what​ else​ are​ you​ doing​ or​ have​ you​ done​ that​ we​ should​ know​ about? Should know about is a tricky phrase, I don’t […]

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Humans of Eddy: James Rankin

James Rankin MA English: Literature Graduate Teaching Assistant I see that you recently attended a conference at Berkeley (San Francisco). What conference did you attend and what did you present about?   I attended ASAP (Association for the Study of the […]

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Humans of Eddy: Lynn Shutters

Department communications intern and English major Michaela Hayes recently had the opportunity to ask Assistant Professor Lynn Shutters some questions about the Rekindle the Classics project she’s helping to facilitate. Here’s what she had to say about it, and a […]

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