Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy


Writing, Rhetoric & Literacy Concentration

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Choose the Writing, Rhetoric & Literacy concentration if you are interested in writing for public audiences, digital writing, community literacy, non-profit advocacy or professional/technical writing. In this concentration, you pursue the theory and practice of writing from a rhetorical perspective.

To find out what classes you take in this concentration, take a look at the Writing Advising Checksheet:

The Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy concentration offers you the opportunity to study

Study writing in a department that takes a humanistic approach to learning

Study writing and rhetoric with a focus on genre, audience, invention, and style

Study writing and writing theory in social, cultural, and historical contexts

What Are Students Saying?

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Maddison Rheinheimer

“Through the Writing, Rhetoric, and Literacy (WRL) concentration I have learned how to effectively communicate with many different platforms, audiences, and modes of writing. I've always been passionate about social and political concerns and the WRL major has allowed me to take that passion and create an exciting future in the form of law school! Beyond the many opportunities this major provides, my professors and peers in the English program have always been collaborative additions to my journey, and I have become a more empowered writer, thinker, and person because of it!”

~ Madison Rheinheimer, BA English: Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy

“I think the most valuable skills I took from being an English major, at least in terms of preparing me for entering the workforce, are critical thinking and analyzing skills. Outside of my working life, being an English major taught me to see below the surface of things; to look, listen, examine things carefully; to find the beauty and excitement in the little details of life that usually go unnoticed.”

~Joe LaFond, BA in English: Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy

Joe LaFond
Kevin Reilly Jensen

“I chose to study English because the program was flexible enough for me to tailor it to my needs. As a prospective attorney, I needed classes where I could practice storytelling, as well as classes that taught technical writing and even how to communicate with an online audience. I was able to choose a series of courses that would be truly useful to my future career trying to communicate difficult ideas and arguments in a succinct and accessible way.”

~Kevin Reilly Jensen, BA English: Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy