Portrait of Maia Coen

Maia Coen
English Major: Creative Writing Concentration (Poetry)

Favorite English class or teacher? My favorite classes have always been the poetry writing ones taught by Matthew Cooperman. He is a wonderful teacher with a plethora of knowledge about poetry and literature. He always has thought provoking assignments that really get me thinking about what kind of poet I want to be. On top of all that he’s laid back and quite funny. We’re lucky to have him as a teacher.

One word to describe Eddy Hall? Stairs

Favorite book? This is super difficult but I believe one of my all time favorites would be The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner.

Favorite poem? “Loading a Boar” by David Lee.

Favorite author? This is always changing but recently I have been particularly enamored by Rebecca Solnit.

Currently reading? The Culture of Fear by Barry Glassner, Kitchen by Banana Hoshimoto, Leavings (a book of essays by Barbara Kingsolver), and very slowly working my way through Anna Karenina. 

Advice to incoming English majors? Do the reading. It might seem time consuming and unnecessary sometimes but I have discovered styles of writing and authors I never would have if I hadn’t been told to read a book. Being in school is busy, reading outside of class is almost impossible, so read what you’re supposed to read for class. It will benefit you in more ways than one.

Biggest goal/priority right now? Write more poems that are not all about me. I have heavily relied on personal narrative poems for a long time and I am really trying to branch out to see if I can write something else.