Most likely if you’ve spent any time at all in the main English department office, you recognize this person. Michael Hedemark has been a loyal workstudy in the English department every semester since his freshman year — and he’s not even an English major! A couple of years ago, we profiled him here on the blog in another Humans of Eddy entry. Since he’s graduating this semester, we wanted to check in with him again and find out what plans he has for his future. Join us in wishing nothing but good things for him. Happy graduation, Michael! Thank you for all your hard work and help.

Portrait of Michael HedemarkMichael Hedemark
Business Major
English Department Workstudy

As for graduation, I am excited to graduate. I’ve worked really hard for the past 4 years not only in my academics but I gained valuable experience since I’ve been at CSU. I was able to run my own professional painting business, which was a unique experience.

When I graduate I will move down to Denver to start a new job at 1st Bank. I will be in a 6 month training program. After that I will be promoted into a Bank Officer job. I’m very excited to start my new job.

My favorite thing to do in the English department is helping staff with technical issues. I’m pretty tech savvy, and I’ve helped a lot of faculty in the English department with tech issues. I think I help Leslie Becker every week with computer issues, and I have built numerous spreadsheets for the English department.