Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language


M.A. in TEFL/TESL and Graduate Certificate in TESOL Education


There are two options for pursuing graduate study in Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TEFL/TESL) in the Department of English. One option is the M.A. in English with a graduate curriculum exclusively focused on TEFL/TESL. A second option is a 15.0 credits graduate certificate in TESOL Education.

The TEFL/TESL Master’s Program is a WICHE Western Regional Graduate Program. Residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming are eligible for in-state tuition.

TESOL Certificate students are not eligible for the WICHE Program.

The TEFL/TESL M.A. offers numerous benefits for students, such as a low faculty-to-student ratio ensuring personal interaction, a diverse student population, multiple opportunities for formal supervised teaching, internships, and assistantships, a collaborative partnership with PLACE (an intensive English language program), and participation in the TEFL/TESL Student Association. Students who complete our program often pursue careers as ESL teachers (within the US and abroad), language program administrators, materials developers for publishing companies, assessment specialists, translators, and linguists. Others continue their education in doctoral programs.

M.A. in English - Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language

The TEFL/TESL graduate program offers a professional degree that is designed to enable graduate students to teach English as a foreign or second language, evaluate the relative utility and validity of diverse teaching methodologies and assessment procedures, adapt and/or develop materials for unique teaching/learning situations, evaluate recent research in applied linguistics and its relevance to EFL/ESL teaching and learning, and assist in the supervision of classroom teachers and in the administration of EFL/ESL programs. The program prepares graduates for employment opportunities in the U.S. and abroad, as well as for advanced studies in applied linguistics.

Please note, this degree is for TEFL/TESL. If you are interested in English Education (teaching English language arts), you can find that degree program here.

Graduate Certificate in TESOL Education

The Graduate Certificate in TESOL Education provides graduates with practical, theoretical, and critical knowledge of the English language and of methods for teaching it in various social and academic settings. The program features a comprehensive understanding of the form and communicative functions of English, combined with both general and skill-specific (reading, writing, listening, speaking) pedagogical theories and applications.

To obtain the certificate, students must complete 15.0 credits of graduate-level TESL/TEFL courses. The required 3.0 credit courses include: Theories of Foreign/Second Language Learning; Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language; Syntax for ESL/EFL; Phonology/Morphology for ESL/EFL; and Professional ESL Teaching: Theory to Practice.

For additional information about the program, please contact Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker at t.nekrasova_beker@colostate.edu.

TESL/TEFL Student Association

You can get involved in the community and exercise leadership skills through the TESL/TEFL Student Association–a CSU registered student organization. 

The purpose of the TESL/TEFL Student Association (TTSA) is “to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and raise awareness about the field of TESL/TEFL in the Colorado State University community and the greater Fort Collins community.” Members are active throughout the year arranging social and professional events, and organizing their annual “Advocacy Week” event, which takes place during the spring semester and features a keynote speech from a leading figure in the TESOL field. This event offers students an opportunity to conduct events on and off campus to advocate for the field of TESL/TEFL and English language learners. Past speakers who have delivered talks during this event have been Andrew Cohen, Dana Ferris, Eli Hinkel, Paul Matsuda, Fredricka Stoller, and Bill Van Patten.

To find out more, contact Anthony Becker at tony.becker@colostate.edu.