Fall leaves on the sidewalk
image by Jill Salahub
  • Aparna Gollapudi presented a paper titled “The Other Eighteenth Century Child: Personhood and Property in Locke’s Two Treatises and Defoe’s Fiction” at the Rocky Mountain MLA conference in Cheyenne on October 4th.
  • Kristina Quynn presented at &NOW, Notre Dame, on a panel she organized and moderated about New Methods. Instagram. Play: Performing a Critical Avant-Garde. Her paper, “Critical Dodger: A Fictoessay, or Meditations on the Return of the Author from the Dead,” enacted a reading of the figure of the beloved as lover-text-author-critic in Ali Smith’s Oxford lectures, Artful (2013).
  • The 2018 Fort Collins Book Festival, October 19-20, will feature faculty and alumni from the English Department: Ellen Brinks, John Calderazzo, SueEllen Campbell, Abby (Kerstetter) Chabitnoy, Matthew Cooperman, Stephanie G’Schwind, Aby Kaupang, J.C. Lynne, Michael McLane, Todd Mitchell, Bill Tremblay, and Sasha Steensen
  • Kristin Macintyre (third-year MFA, Poetry) recently had an exchange with Mud Season Review’s poetry co-editor Aurora Nowak regarding her featured poems and poetic processes.  You can find the full interview here:  http://mudseasonreview.com/2018/10/lifes-inherent-opposites/