Portrait of Olivia Halboth

Lilly Halboth
Writing Center Assistant Director
English MA: Rhetoric and Composition

This is your second year at the Writing Center. What first drew you to the Writing Center last year? 

Of course, I love writing. That’s obvious. But I also came to the Writing Center because it’s such a welcoming space. They always have tea and coffee, and comfortable couches. It’s a really great atmosphere in which to do work you enjoy.

What is your favorite part about working in the Writing Center? 

I’m very interested in topics across multiple disciplines. At the Writing Center, I get to read papers about biology, ecology, politics, agriculture, philosophy, literature, the economy, and so much more. I get to read graduate theses and PhD dissertations about the most fascinating subjects. In short, I love how much I get to learn from the writers who bring their work into the Writing Center.

What is (currently) your favorite quote/poem/book/author/saying? 

“If I waited for perfection, I’d never write a word.” ~Margaret Atwood

What is one piece of writing advice you could share with students? 

Feel more confident about yourself as a writer, because writing is hard for everyone. Writing is my specialty, and I still struggle starting a paper.

Can you describe Eddy in one word?