News of Note January 2018

Winter lights in Old Town Fort Collins, image by Jill Salahub
  • There is a review of Dan Beachy-Quick’s new book up at Michigan Quarterly Review: and he has three poems just published at BOMB:
  • Leslee Becker won 1st prize in the Broad River Review Fiction Contest for her story, “Such Friends.”
  • Doug Cloud’s article, “Toward a Richer Rhetoric of Agency: Shaping the Identity Category Transgender in Public Discourse” has been accepted for publication in Argumentation and Advocacy. It will appear in print this summer, earlier online.
  • Matthew Cooperman has a new poem––”A River in Spring”––up at Newfound: A Journal of Place, which also includes a review of his recent book Spool,
  • Michelle Curry (Literature, MA program) and Tobi Jacobi’s essay, “Just Sitting in a Cell, You and Me”: Sponsoring Writing in a County Jail” appears in the current issue of the Community Literacy Journal (Fall 2017).
  • Alice Stopher’s story “public spaces” was published in the most recent issue of Anomaly.
  • Bill Tremblay’s poem, “To One Who Fears Cameras,” will appear in the next issue of Re-Dactions.
  • Sue Doe will join panelists Scott Haley (Soil and Crop Sciences), Pat Burns (Libraries), Garry Auld (Food, Sciences, and Human Nutrition), and Matt Wallenstein (Natural Resource Ecology Lab) for a film screening and panel discussion of the documentary Food Evolution by Academy Award nominee Scott Hamilton Kennedy on February 7 from 7-9:30 PM  in the LSC Theater.  This event is sponsored by the School of Global Environmental Sustainability, the Natural Resource Ecology Lab, the College of Agricultural Sciences, and CSU Ventures.
  • Camille Dungy’s collection of essays, Guidebook to Relative Strangers: Journeys into Race, Motherhood, and History, has been named a finalist in for the National Book Critics’ Circle Award. Other finalists in her category include Edwidge Danticat, Kevin Young, Valeria Luiselli, and Carina Chocano. Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in New York City on March 15th.
  • Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala recently published a series of articles and book chapters: “Engineering Pathways in a U.S. Public Institution of Higher Education: A Strategy for Fostering Student Diversity,” “A Framework for English Learners Teacher Effectiveness and Success,” “What Teachers of ELs Need to Consider Regarding Non-Verbal-Processes in Reading Comprehension,” and “Preparing Graduates for a Global World: The Transformative Power of a Public/Private Joint Venture in the Internationalization of a Large Public University in the United States.”
  • Sasha Steensen has recently had five poems published at the journal Pinwheel:
  • Ben Greenlee published his flash nonfiction piece “Baton” with The Citron Review.  It can be read here:
  • Katherine Indermaur has two poems in the 2018 issue of Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, “Moraine Lake Overlook” and “To My High School Teacher Who, After I’d Graduated, Sent Me a Sexually Explicit Email.”
  • Sue Russell has been nominated for the prestigious CLA State Classified Award (tricky title, but not connected to covert activities). The Awards Committee hopes to do justice to Sue’s outstanding work for us and for countless others at CSU, so please send letters, anecdotes, details, personal recollections, and inside dope to Leslee Becker by February 9.
  • New lunch counter exhibits:  Grab your lunch and check out the two new exhibits at our southwest and northwest lunch counters on the third floor of Eddy.  Inspired by our commitment to inclusive language and access, we are featuring the UN Declaration of Human Rights (northwest) and pedagogical approaches to inclusive dialogue and classroom discussion (southwest).  Thanks to Gerry Delahunty and Genesea Carter for these new displays!