~from Intern Katie Haggstrom

Mackenzie (Mack)
English Education Major with Spanish Minor

I notice that you brought some veggies into the Writing Center today. 
My parents have an urban farm down in Denver for the joy of gardening. It has exploded with so much produce they could stock our local King Soopers. They make pizza sauce and other canned goods but still had too many vegetables. That’s when I stepped in and was able to bring baskets and coolers full of vegetables for the Writing Center and other community members in Eddy.

How do you spend most of your time in Eddy Hall? 
I spend my time in Eddy as a Writing center consultant, a student and an advisee. I have had several classes in Eddy and also have a wonderful academic advisor named Joanna Doxey. I’m most excited to spend my time in Eddy as a consultant for the Writing center because writing is a very fluid process and everyone can use support to make their dreams realities.

It’s only the third week of classes, but what has been your favorite moment in the Writing Center so far? Or favorite moment in Eddy? 
The staff in the Writing Center is so warm and welcoming that it’s hard to not want to spend an afternoon with any of them. I myself had a presentation coming up and didn’t know where to start so I created an appointment with one of my co-workers to brainstorm ideas. It was so helpful that I have no idea why I didn’t use the Writing Center for every paper I ever had while attending CSU.

What’s your favorite book, poem, quote, lyric? Or favorite writer? 
Currently my favorite book is “Life of Pi” but if you ask me in a week the same question my answer might change.

Can you describe Eddy in just one word? 
Ready.  Ready to help and support anyone with all their needs.