Amanda in her Creative Writing class in Eddy Hall

Amanda Micek
English Major: Literature

What inspired me to be an English major? I actually switched from a biology major to English because with biology there was no passion for me. English gives me the opportunity to express myself in ways no other subject was ever able to.

As an English major I want to be a journalist for the New York Times. The New York Times is very highly ranked, and it is my dream to write for such an amazing news company. Being able to speak what you believe and have your opinion matter to the lives of others who want to know what you write is the highest honor any English major could strive to achieve.

The CSU English department is very open and inviting, as is the liberal arts college in general. Students who decide to be a part of the English department will find people around them who care and want to help you succeed, along with cheerful and like-minded people who have an understanding of your passions.