Hankyul Ryu
Major: Statistics


What are you working on or doing today in Eddy Hall?
I just had a conference with my Composition teacher discussing about our next paper assignment, which is due this Friday. Like revising, substitution, recommending to merge or fix something or add something, stuff like that.

What’s your name and your major and do you have an expected graduation date?
So my name, my birth name is Han. Well actually, it’s Hankyul but I just go by that – it’s way easier. And my last name is Ryu, like “you.” I’m majoring in Statistics, and I’m a freshman this year so I expect to graduate in 2019.

So when you’re in Eddy, how do you spend most of your time?
Most likely going to class and talking to my friends after class or before class.

Do you have a favorite moment in Eddy Hall?
Hmm… Not yet. I mean, I don’t come to the Eddy building often.

Do you have a favorite English class or English teacher?
So for now, this class – Composition 150 – is my first English class that I’m taking. And I’m not sure if that’s my favorite class yet, so I guess not.

Fair enough. Describe Eddy Hall in one word.
Hmm… Colorful.

Do you have a favorite book or poem or… Here [hands list]: here’s all of your favorites that you can say if you want. There’s a lot of options; you don’t have to say all of them.
I used to enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes, but not anymore.

An old nostalgic favorite?
Yeah. And for my favorite quote – it’s, “No pain, no gain.” It’s simple but it tells the truth. And for my favorite genre – I like every single one, but mostly likely hip-hop, rap, or pop.

So if you were going to give advice to other CSU English majors or maybe people taking a composition class, what would it be?
I guess, pay attention during class. And read rubrics and the syllabus and stuff carefully. Finish what you’re supposed to do.

What’s your biggest goal or priority right now?
Probably getting a good grade, the highest GPA that I can earn.