~from English Department Communications Intern Joyce Bohling


Could you start by introducing yourself: your name, your major, and when you expect to graduate?

My name is Seth Bodine. I am a journalism major and an English major with a minor in international development. I am a third-year student, and I am expecting to graduate in 2018.

What’s your main focus or interest in English?

I enjoy writing poetry, so creative writing, essentially. I’m starting to get more interested in creative nonfiction, though, since I am a journalism student.

Do you have a favorite class or a favorite teacher that you’ve had?

My beginning creative writing teacher was Gracie McCarroll. She was a graduate student. That was my favorite class because she challenged me to become a better writer and also told me I was a poet, so it really encouraged me to pursue that route myself.

What do you like about poetry?

I’ve been writing poetry since I was maybe ten or thirteen, so it’s just something that’s always come to me. In high school, one of my good friends had a poetry club. She was very influential, and now she’s published in a book in California. I think spoken word was a good introduction for me, and then as I moved through college, I got more of a passion for contemporary poetry and old poetry. *laughs* Classic poetry, I guess you would say.

Do you have a favorite story you’d like to share that took place in Eddy Hall?

There was a student with a really cool tie; I think it had ducks on it or something, and my friend didn’t see it. My other friend did see it, so we plotted this whole scheme of dropping a backpack in front of the person so my friend could see the tie.

How would you describe Eddy Hall in one word?


Do you have a favorite author or book?

My favorite book is Brave New World by Alduous Huxley.

How about a favorite poem?

It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite poem. It changes for me every day sometimes. Lines kind of pop up in my head like little obsessions, and I get obsessed with an idea. So I wouldn’t really say I have a favorite poem, but I do enjoy a small poem, “You Fit Into Me” by Margaret Atwood.

What’s your biggest goal or priority right now?

My biggest priority is almost an obsession of mine. I’m trying to learn how to write compellingly, and also how to tell interesting stories by writing. And also writing poetry every day.

If you were to give advice to incoming CSU English majors or minors, what would it be?

I feel like some people are afraid of poetry because of what they learned in high school or [from] a previous teacher. I encourage people to take classes that they don’t know much about because it may surprise them.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I’ve written 605 haiku poems—one every day since my freshman year.