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Lillian Nugent is new to the English department, started working with us over the summer, and is our Assistant to the Chair. We are so happy to finally officially introduce her to those of you who haven’t already had the pleasure of meeting her!

What brought you to CSU?
Well, what brought me home to Colorado is my granddaughter.  I’ve been in higher education for many years.  When it came time to start my search, CSU had this position open.  It all came together pretty quickly.

What do you miss most about where you lived before?
Friends.  It takes time to build relationships.  There isn’t anything that can replace the history of living life with someone.

What are you most excited to see or do living in Colorado?
Pouring into my kids and my new granddaughter!  I am blessed beyond belief to be a Tutu of two little girls.  Having the opportunity to take part in the growing of the next generation is indescribable.

Lillian and her granddaughter, Jaden
Lillian and her new granddaughter, Jaden

How would you describe your work in the English Department?
I manage the fiscal and personnel operations of the department.  This fits perfectly with my background and degrees.

What do you enjoy most about your work?
The people!  We have an extraordinary department.  Administrators, faculty and staff all work as a team, which is a perfect formula for success.  The diversity of thought and skill allows us to accomplish great things, not only for our CSU community, but for the Northern Colorado community and beyond.

What special project are you working on right now?
As a newbie, my first order of business was to organize my space.  Now that I feel ‘at home’ I am looking at our systems and processes to see how we might be more effective with less effort.  Having less ‘busy work’ will allow for the creative space needed to expand our department exposure and impact on the region.

What’s the best advice you ever received?
Be in the moment!  Yesterday is over, tomorrow is yet to come.  We have no guarantees in life…enjoy the experience of now.

Lillian and her husband, Joel, overlooking Estes Park (hiking up Hermit);
Lillian and her husband, Joel, overlooking Estes Park (hiking up Hermit)

Why are the Humanities important?
What are we if not human?  All that has been created in the world since our arrival is through humanity.  Even the discovery of science and technology comes through humans.  The amazing diversity of humans is thrilling!  How do we get to learn about that?  The written word, the spoken word, language, culture, music, drama, and psychology to name a few.  Discovering more of who we are, and providing a space for that discovery to be cultivated, only happens when we value our humanity.

What are you currently reading, writing?
I am currently reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  Regardless of what your path is, this is an amazing book for opening your creative side – and we all have a creative side!

When you’re not working, what do you do?
I love my people!  Spending time with them (husband, kids, grandkids, extended family, friends that are family) is what life is all about.  The only thing that lasts through eternity is the love we have.  I share my love with them through biking, hiking, cooking, laughing, talking, and sharing our hearts.  I also find it fascinating to discover the world through the eyes of my 14 month old granddaughter!

Lillian biking with her husband Joel and a good friend Janice
Lillian biking with her husband Joel and a good friend Janice