~from intern Courtney Satchell

benschraderBen Schrader
Adjunct instructor for Ethnic Studies Department and Political Studies

What are you working on?
For scholarly purposes? Right now I’m working on this idea building off of Carol Paton’s Sexual Contract and Charles Mills’s Racial Contract into something called the “Soldier Contract.” Cause it’s Soldiers who uphold this idea of sovereignty which these social contracts are embedded in.

Favorite Book?
Travels With Charley in Search for America by John Steinbeck because it talks about this need to travel and it takes a deep look at different identities and what it means to be American and how vastly different it can be no matter where you are and yet the same.

Advice to CSU Students?
Take this seriously. Do the Readings. We’re not assigning things to make you bored. These things will impact you for the rest of your life.

What is your biggest goal?
To be infectious with my thought in order to make positive change.