• Dan Beachy-Quick’s new book Of Silence & Song is officially published on December 12. It can be found here: https://milkweed.org/book/of-silence-and-song
  • On Friday 12/8, Doug Cloud held a workshop to the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) Leadership Fellows titled “Communicating ‘Controversial’ Science with ‘Skeptical’ Audiences: Some Tools for Scientists.”
  • Harrison Candelaria Fletcher will be the featured nonfiction writer in the 2018 Rosenberry Writers’ Conference at the University of Northern Colorado on March 5-7 2018. A new experiment, “Identity Theft,” is also out in the latest issue of JuxtaProse http://www.juxtaprosemagazine.org/identity-theft-by-harrison-candelaria-fletcher/
  • Maurice Irvin’s short story “Scrape” has been nominated by Portland Review for consideration in The Best American Short Stories anthology.
  • Kiley Miller will be working with Semester at Sea in the upcoming Spring 2018 semester. She will be an Instructional Coordinator in Global Studies, the required course for all students to help them prepare to interact successfully within the variety of cultures encountered. She’ll be blogging her way through 10 countries, sharing her experiences in the classroom and on the ground at “Team Wiley Wanders.” Read and follow the blog here: https://teamwiley.blog/
  • Susan Harness (2006 MA in Anthropology, 2016 MA in English – Creative Nonfiction) has had her memoir, Bitterroot: A Salish Memoir of Transracial Adoption, accepted for publication by the University of Nebraska Press.  The book, to be released fall 2018, is a personal account of her experience as an American Indian transracial adoptee. University of Nebraska Press hopes Bitterroot will serve as a textbook for courses in history, anthropology, social work, ethnic studies, and literature courses that discuss social theory.  To learn more about Susan and her experience, read the article in CSU’s College of Liberal Arts Magazine, at https://magazine.libarts.colostate.edu/article/an-anthropological-search-for-belonging/.
  • If you asked Paul DeMaret’s fifth-grade self, he would tell you that he was going to be a marine biologist studying sharks. His obsession for sharks didn’t last, but Paul did find a new passion while at CSU: teaching. Read this article by Mary Ellen Sanger and Jill Salahub, “Uncharted Waters and an Unexpected Calling,” https://magazine.libarts.colostate.edu/article/uncharted-waters-csu-alumnus-follows-interest-in-english-and-discovers-unexpected-calling/ and check out the rest of the Winter 2017 issue of the College of Liberal Arts Magazine to see CLA alumni, students, and faculty tackle what it means to live a meaningful life.


College of Liberal Arts Award Winners 2017-18

CLA Distinction in Outreach Award: Todd Mitchell, Department of English

CLA Outstanding Service Award: Sue Doe, Department of English

Faculty Development Award, (The Faculty Development Fund supports annual awards for outstanding research and creative activity by tenured and tenure-track faculty in the College of Liberal Arts. The award is made in the form of summer salary stipend of $5000): Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker, Department of English, “Discipline-specific use of language patterns: The case of Engineering”

Creative & Performing Arts Scholarship 

Congratulations to the winners of the Creative & Performing Arts Scholarship!



Paige Moses for her poems “The Lost King”, “He Who Has No Name”, “fin”

Kevin Enns for his poems “The Bear Snooze Berceuse”, “Storm Stroked”, “Existential Shoreside Thoughts”, “Bird Kind”, “Like Peach Gelato”

Sarah Danielle Cyr for her poems “Monogamous Haunting”, “Traveler”, “Seafood”, “Socratic Method”

Rosemary Alyce Pineau for her poems “Dei-ssection”, “Alison’s Wonderland” “Ophelia”, “To Hate the Things You Like”, “Like a Pimp”

Cole Gerome for his poems “Untitled”, “I’m so sorry”, “Mine is not a lover…”, “Ox”, “And so the last letter is erased…”

Hilary Pearce for her poems “Reasons”, “The Problem of Romance”, “American”

Megan Dunn for her poems “Pulse”, “Infinity”, “Divinity”

Caitlin Dendas for her poems “Autumnal Equinox”, “Clone’s Throne”, “Women’s March on Washington…”, “Needless Greed…” “I long for the day…”

Hannah Tani for her poems “Obsidian”, “Bone”, “Outcast”

Emma Kerr for her poems “River Rocks”, “Free Way”, “Tubercle”, “sh”, “Which Craft”



Regan Goodrich for “Something May be Broken”

Julianne Enquist for “Our Restless Tides”

Hilary Pearce for “Sinatra Street”



Colin Sheehan “Trans-22”

Hilary Pearce for “The October Thieves”

Meg Strauss for “Let Me Tell You a Story”


New URL for Library English Literature & Language Web site


The English page is now at this URL: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English


Please take note so URLs on your Spring syllabi are accurate. So for example:

Shakespeare: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English/shakespeare

Beat Writers: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English/beatwriters

Finding Literary Criticism in Books: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English/litcriticismbooks

Finding Literary Criticism in Journal Articles: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English/Criticisminjournals

Searching MLA Bibliography by Author: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English/MLAbyauthor

Searching MLA Bibliography by Subject: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English/MLAsubject

Writing and the Body: https://libguides.colostate.edu/English/writingbody


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