This past semester, we’ve been asking people in various interviews and profiles, “What are you looking forward to most about moving back into a remodeled Eddy Hall?” Here are some of the responses:

“Next semester, I plan on studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, so I won’t be able to see Eddy right when it gets finished, but I am excited to see it a year from now. Being scattered across campus has been a bit of a pain, though Eddy needed the remodeling, and any updates to modernize the structure are welcome.” ~Colin Stevens, Double Majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Journalism and Technical Communications, Senior

“Even though I’ve graduated, I’m honestly excited that Eddy’s getting a facelift. As charming as the old building was, it needed to be updated like none other. I can’t recall the floor plans, but I hope they kept the central courtyard. That was such a nice space and it really gave Eddy some good character.” ~Lauren Cofer, English: Creative Writing, Graduated Spring 2014

“Being in a classroom that doesn’t smell like science chemicals, being in a classroom that isn’t located in a basement or windowless, not having to make the trek to Ingersoll, and having a central place to store my jacket and lunch. I also think it will provide an even bigger sense of community and help with communication within the English department, because we won’t be spread out all over the place.”~Kristen Mullen, MA English: Literature, Graduating Spring 2016

“When I visited CSU as a prospective MFA student last March, one of the things that drew me to the program was the fact that the entire department had its own building. I am looking forward to bringing that sense of community into the new Eddy.” ~Alex Morrison, MFA Fiction, Assistant Director of the Community Literacy Center, and Writing Center Consultant

“The thing I’m looking forward to the most about moving back into Eddy is to see it for the first time ever! When I moved to Colorado, Eddy was already under renovations, so I’ve never actually been in the building!” ~Kathleen Hamel, MA English: Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TEFL/TESL), 1st year

“Seeing familiar faces on those crowded stairs! We are all so spread out right now, and I am excited to get everyone back where I can corner them more easily.” ~Sarah Hansen, MFA Creative Writing: Fiction, Writing Center Assistant Director, Intern with the Center for Literary Publishing and the Literacy through Prose and Poetry Program