Portrait of Yusnavy Ramos

Yusnavy Ramos
MFA Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction
Composition GTA
Center for Literary Publishing Intern

Yusnavy describes herself this way: I fell in love with language a long time ago but didn’t think it was a “safe” career option. I told myself I had to be practical. Words on the page aren’t practical. They’re complicated. They aren’t always what they seem. But science? Science is a guaranteed job placement. Science is a lofty salary. Science is practical. So instead of pursuing a career in creative writing, I opted for a bachelor’s degree in another interest of mine: Psychology. Three years later, I had obtained my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I was having an impossible time finding jobs in my field, and I was working at the same restaurant I’d been working at for years. To top things off, I still couldn’t get rid of the writing itch. So, I decided to take it a little more seriously.

I took a leap of faith and did an online search on MFA programs. CSU was among the list of schools that I looked at. After visiting the campus, I was impressed. It was not only located in a stunning state, filled with sunshine and a myriad of outdoor activities at my immediate disposal, but the MFA program itself had an incredibly tight-knit and welcoming group of faculty and students. I could see myself making a home here.

Flash forward a few months, I’m now a first year MFA candidate in the creative non-fiction genre. I am an intern at the Center for Literary Publishing, where I spend most of my time reading submissions. I’m also a GTA, teaching composition. In my free time, (what free time?) you guessed it…I write. I also read and try to cook things without burning them. I like to go to the gym and spend time with friends. I love adventuring! Whether it’s the town next door, the next state over or a country on the other side of the world, I’m always up for any and all of it. I’m so incredibly excited to be here and intend to make the most out of the opportunity!


What inspired you to get a degree in English? Why CSU? How did you choose your concentration?
I’ve always loved language. I love it for its complexity. I love it despite it’s many shortcomings. Creative writing has always been an interest of mine. I needed to see the magic that happens when I allow myself to get lost in my interests.

We are always trying to debunk the myth that the ONLY options for an English major are to become a writer, teacher, or work in publishing. What sort of possibility, potential do you see for yourself as an English major?
I honestly have no idea. I was sort of under the impression that those were my only options.

Knowing what you do about it, how would you describe the CSU English department to someone?
I’d describe it as a place filled with people who have things to say, friendly faces and free books.

Why do you think the humanities are important?
It says it in the word. Humanities comprise everything that makes us who we are. It’s what it means to be human.

What would you like to tell prospective CSU English Department students?
Make sure you like to read.

What advice do you have for current CSU English Department students?
Be as involved as possible. Attend readings, listen to the guest speakers, ask questions. Speak to people you wouldn’t normally be friends with. You are only here once, so make the most of it.

What was the last piece of writing you read or wrote? OR, What are you currently reading, writing?
The last piece I wrote was a nonfiction essay about me and my parents’ journey migrating illegally from Cuba to the United States and how this mirrored their migration years later from Catholicism to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

What are your hobbies or special interests, what do you enjoy doing with your free time?
I love food, and I’ve enjoyed venturing out to all the wonderful little places here in Fort Collins. I also like to travel, go to the gym and hangout with friends.

Where will we find you in five years?
I’m really not sure! I expect by then, I’ll have finally established a writing routine that I can stick to. But other than that, I have no idea where this crazy life is going to take me. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!