Writing Center Assistant Director: Megan Lemming

What’s been your favorite moment in Eddy Hall? My favorite moments have been working with a student one-on-one, which was awesome. Also, our concentration is called Rhetoric and Composition, and we have a colloquia in this building where we all get together. I really like seeing others in my concentration.

Describe Eddy in one word. The first word that comes to mind is diverse, and what I mean by that is that multiple departments are housed here and there are diverse services offered in this building, like the Ethics Center down the hall [from the Writing Center].

What’s your favorite part about working in the Writing Center? The fact that our goal is to help students, that’s my professional interest. Anything we can do to help students is my priority. Working in this capacity allows us to serve students in a very unique way. In addition to having their paper looked at, they learn something about the writing process to help with future work.

What advice would you give to writers? I don’t know if this is practical, but my advice would be to remember that all writing is contextual – there are no universal, transferable rules for specific writing tasks. When writing is taught there are often these blanket statements, and they’re not always applicable.

Please note: this edition of Humans of Eddy was originally published on the English Department’s Facebook page on March 3, 2014. Read more about this series.