~From English Department Communications Intern Ashley Alfirevic


I ran into two classmates from my English Renaissance Drama class in the wonderfully echoey Eddy stairwell. Both were kind enough to agree to interviews while waiting for class. I sat near my first interviewee, Larissa, during today’s small group topic on bodily decay in Valpone, so the discussion was a convenient, albeit somewhat gruesome, introduction for us as acquaintances. This interview gave us the chance to talk about much more pleasant things, like the bright new colors of Eddy Hall.

Larissa asked, “So what is Humans of Eddy/Humans of New York?” I explained that Humans of Eddy is humans in Eddy Hall – so an English major or a faculty member or someone just taking a class in here. It’s kind of Humans of New York-esq, but don’t have to tell your whole story. It’s just kind of what you’re doing in Eddy and why you like being an English major, stuff like that. Pretty standard.

What’s your name and your major and when do you expect to graduate?
My name is Larissa. I’m an English Literature major with a History minor, hopefully. And then again, hopefully, I graduate in Spring ’17.

So what are you working on or doing in Eddy today?
I’ve got a class at four – Medieval Literature: Writing the Crusades.

And how do you like that class?
I enjoy it. It’s a lot of stuff I haven’t worked with before. And there again, it combines history with English.

How do you spend most of your time in Eddy?
(Laughs) Frantically running around. No, but…

I imagine that’s what most of us do in Eddy.
I have an internship on the third floor, so I practically live up there.

Oh, are you with the CLC?
I am with the CLC.

How do you enjoy it?
I love it. It’s great. It’s challenging in all the best ways.

Do you have a favorite moment in Eddy Hall?
Off the top of my head – not exactly. Maybe it was just when they reopened it. I was like, “Oh! Color!” Having been in here before, it was a dreary drab prison-esq building. And now it’s got color with its cinderblocks!

Do you have a favorite English class or English teacher?
That’s a cruel question. I know that I enjoy working with Lynn Shutters. I took Women’s Literature last semester and that was really enjoyable.

Describe Eddy Hall in one word.
One word? Square.

Do you have a favorite – I’m going to give you a lot of options but you only have to pick one – book, poem, quote, genre, or author?
Cruel and unusual punishment. Right now it’s Ray Bradbury and The Martian Chronicles.

If you were to give incoming CSU English majors advice, what would it be?
Be willing to speak with your professors and have fun with it. It’s good to take your education seriously, but it’s also valid to have fun with it.

Last one – what’s your biggest goal or priority right now?
(Laughs) Right now I think it’s just to keep everything somewhat balanced and not totally drop the ball on some things.