~From English Department Communications Intern Beth Campbell

Chris is a character. I have seen him in several of my classes, and he always has some insight that will push those in the class deeper into the reading. He stands apart, not just because he is a little older than the average student or because of his looping tattoos, but because of his constantly inquisitive nature. When I asked if I could interview him for as a Human of Eddy, he was more than happy to help.



What’s your name? Your major? When do you expect to graduate?
My name is Chris Buford. I’m studying English Education, and I’m graduating in December, 2016.

How do you spend most of your time in Eddy Hall?
I’ve had a few classes and meetings there (both before and after renovation).

Favorite moment in Eddy Hall?
Before the renovation, I liked watching people navigate the broken floor tile by the door. It tripped 80% or more of those going in and out. Hilarious!

Favorite English class or teacher?
My favorite English class and teacher would be Adolescent Lit with Antero Garcia.

How would you describe Eddy Hall?
Love the rebuild!

What’s your favorite book, poem, quote, lyric, genre? Who is your favorite author?
My favorite quote is “Don’t sweat the small stuff… it’s all small stuff,” and my favorite author is Tom Robbins.

If you were to give advice to incoming CSU English majors, what would it be?
Take the time to do the work. There’s plenty to take in.

What’s your biggest goal, priority right now?
Get through this semester and I still want to teach.

Did you always want to be an English teacher?
No, actually. I have been a welder for years, but then my daughter started college and I realized I wanted to teach. I want to help kids that don’t learn in a traditional way to feel like they can learn and that someone is on their side.

Are you working on any projects? If so, what?
I’m struggling a little with non-motivated kids and disrespect.