image credit: Slamogadro
image credit: Slamogadro 

~From English Department Communications Intern Tim Mahoney

Take a stroll down the main plaza and you are to likely see many student advertisements written in chalk on the sides of the buildings. While many such advertisements have failed to capture my attention, earlier this semester while walking into the Clark Building I happened to notice in big pink lettering a promotion for a slam poetry competition known as “Slamogadro.”

I had never been to Slamogadro, a monthly slam poetry competition hosted by CSU English majors Chris Vanjonack, Summers Baker, Andrew Walker, and Kate McHargue, along with Lauren Funai, but with the end of my collegiate career in sight I decided to attend and hear the work of my fellow undergraduate English majors.

October 26th Slamogadro event at Avo’s, image credit: Haley Grace Photography

Taking place on the last Sunday of each month, Slamogadro gives undergraduate students and writers in the Fort Collins community an outlet to showcase their poetry in a constructive and supportive environment. And while Slamogadro is essentially a competition with a “winner” being declared at the end, the main focus of the night was not on the judge’s scores but on supporting the different poets and their performances.

“It’s all about becoming a better writer,” said CSU English major and poetry judge Moonier Said. “Slamogadro is about connecting with people who will push you to better yourself and your writing.”

As undergraduates, the bulk of our writing practices often take place inside the classroom, but there are ways to extend those practices into the larger Fort Collins community. Slamogadro brings together students and community members who have a shared interest in poetry, and offers writers the opportunity to read their work in front of an audience.

It was a wonderful experience seeing so many authors read their work and I can’t recommend this event enough as an outlet for authors, as well as fans of poetry and the performing arts. Slamogadro takes place at Avogadro’s Number of Mason Street at 7:30p.m on the last Sunday of the month.

Bean Cycle, image by Tim Mahoney
Bean Cycle, image by Tim Mahoney

On a related note, there is also an open-mic slam poetry competition held on the first Friday of every month at the Bean Cycle in Old Town, hosted by Wolverine Farms Publishing. Both events are free and open to the public. I encourage everyone to attend these events and support CSU’s wonderful undergraduate writers.