Nothing makes English majors more excited than the gift of a book. But English majors also love presents that have something to do with books.

While this list only includes one book, it also includes English-themed gifts English majors will love!

1. Can’t decide between getting a book or getting a shirt about the book? What about a shirt with the book printed on it?

2. While you’re home for break, you won’t have to miss the smell of books or the library with this candle.

3. A passive aggressive cup will let surrounding people know you’re an English major.

4. Always carry your favorite book around with you, in convenient locket form.

5. Gift a subscription to CSU’s own literary magazine, Colorado Review

6. Enjoy a cup of tea and inspiring quotes from classic novels.

7. And when you need to set your tea down, these library-themed coasters are perfect!

8. For any reader or writer, you can never go wrong with a themed Moleskin journal.

9. What better way to cover your friends with insults than with these Shakespearean insult bandages?

10. Bring the library wherever you go with these book leggings.

11. Make sure you have enough time for reading with this library date card watch.

12. It’s a stereotype that all English majors are introverts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a quiet afternoon curled up with a book, like this funny book about introverted life by INFJoe.

13. If you don’t have time to curl up with a book of your own, you can get one of Yaoyao Ma Van As’s beautiful prints.

14. Banning a classic book, like To Kill a Mockingbird or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, only gives English majors more motivation to read that book. These socks make a strong statement about banned books.

15. A typewriter might feel like a flashback, but what writer doesn’t picture themselves sitting at a typewriter, pounding out the next best-selling novel?

16. These “mistake-sticks” are a great way to help your friend who just survived NaNoWriMo.

17. We love this clever way of storing all your writing utensils.

18. Who doesn’t want a James Joyce finger puppet? Enough said.

19. Make sure everyone knows you’re an English major with these “bookish” bumper stickers.

20. Finally, don’t forget to remind everyone that you’re one of the cool kids with this book-themed T-shirt!