University Composition Program


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University Composition Program

Rhetoric and composition helps students learn how to compose their ideas. Here’s what our composition faculty have to say about how rhetoric and composition helps students become well-rounded writers and thinkers.

Joe Schicke smiling on CSU campus

“I tell my students all the time writing is magic because we can write our thoughts from our head onto paper, see them, and then organize them. You don’t know what’s in your head until you get it all written down. Then you can organize it into a composed package to communicate what you want to communicate.” — Joe Schicke

Kelly Bradbury sitting on an outdoor bench on a spring day on the CSU campus

In composition, I help my students expand their definition of argument. The purpose of argument is not to win an argument—it's to listen, to learn, to understand, and to empathize with other people. I want my students to think about their own arguments, their own beliefs in the law, and their own understanding of research in the context of trying to understand and listen to other perspectives and viewpoints.”

— Kelly Bradbury


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