Humans of Eddy: Han Ryu

Hankyul Ryu Major: Statistics What are you working on or doing today in Eddy Hall? I just had a conference with my Composition teacher discussing about our next paper assignment, which is due this Friday. Like revising, substitution, recommending to […]

Dan Beachy-Quick Letterpress & Publick House Pub Talk, "The Poem, the Shield, and the Ardent Pursuit"

~From English Department Communications Intern Ashley Alfirevic Walking up to the Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House, it instantly felt like quintessential Fort Collins. The smell of new, raw wood mingled with looseleaf tea and amber microbrews. Actual bikes, pictures […]

Humans of Eddy: Larissa

~From English Department Communications Intern Ashley Alfirevic I ran into two classmates from my English Renaissance Drama class in the wonderfully echoey Eddy stairwell. Both were kind enough to agree to interviews while waiting for class. I sat near my […]