Geese hanging out on the Ingersoll Hall lawn.
Geese hanging out on the Ingersoll Hall lawn.
  • The Boston Review, during National Poetry month, will be featuring an essay on their website earlier presented by Dan Beachy-Quick at University of Louisville for the Wittreich Lecture: “Poetic Geometries: Moby-Dick as Primer to Creative Crisis.”
  • Antero Garcia recently co-authored an article in Teachers College Record titled, “‘So We Have to Teach Them or What?’: Introducing Preservice Teachers to the Figured Worlds of Urban Youth Through Digital Conversation.” (available here: Antero did a video interview describing the research that can be viewed here:
  • Antero Garcia also co-authored another recent publication in Reading & Writing Quarterly titled “The Council of Youth Research: Critical Literacy and Civic Agency in the Digital Age.” (available here:
  • Antero Garcia is featured in the latest Deloitte Review issue on “Digital Education 2.0” (available here:
  • Mandi Casolo’s “The Promise of Too Much Happiness: Alice Munro’s Undertaking of Contemporary Feminist Concerns in Literary Narrative” has been accepted by the North American Review Bicentennial Creative Writing & Literature Conference taking place on June 11th-13th in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and will feature keynote speakers Steven Schwartz, Patricia Hampl, and Martín Espada.
  • Samantha Tucker Iocovetto, 2014 graduate of the MA program in Creative Nonfiction, has a new essay, “Kitchen Remodel,” posted on Guernica. It can be viewed here: