From Jill Salahub, English Department Communications Coordinator: “I am so happy to introduce the English Department’s Communications Intern for Fall 2015, Ashley Alfirevic. She was the recipient of the Donna Weyrick Memorial Scholarship this past spring. Just like the position description stated, she is a creative and enthusiastic CSU student with good communication and writing skills who is super excited to help us tell the story of the English Department. Some of the projects she is currently working on: profiles of faculty and students and alumni, articles about this semester’s reading series, Instagram and Twitter posts, and continuing our Humans of Eddy project.”


From intern Ashley Alfirevic: “I’m excited to serve as this semester’s Communications Intern for the English Department. When I’m not roaming around Eddy, my free time usually consists of over-analyzing movies, knitting, or feeling nostalgic about my summer in Ireland.

Through CSU Education Abroad and a cooperating program called EUSA, I spent the summer copyediting and search engine optimizing an Irish web publication called the Dublin Globe. Living across the pond served both as a unique work experience and a wonderful opportunity take a whirlwind tour of Europe.

When Mary Hickey, the English Department Internship Coordinator, was de-briefing me on the necessary paperwork pre-trip, she mentioned that the English Department had an available position for the Communications Intern. My dual degrees English Literature and Communication Studies have fostered a love for telling people’s stories, so I immediately applied and accepted the subsequent job offer.

This semester, I want to help tell the narrative of the English Department through the blog and social media pages, bringing readers event coverage, interviews, and, of course, some flashy pictures of the new Eddy Hall. My goal is to keep students and faculty updated on department news in an engaging and intriguing fashion, and maybe gain some new followers in the process. The English Department is filled with such friendly and creative people, and I can’t wait to share their stories with you.”