If you’re at all like intern Katie, you love looking at books, and pictures of books.

You can follow the #ilovebooks for a great assortment of book-themed posts on your Instagram, but here are some of our favorite accounts.

These Novel Thoughts @thesenovelthoughts 

Who doesn’t love thoughts about books? 

Colorful books on a bookshelf.
Photo by Thesenovelthoughts. See original post.

Ernest Hedgingway @ernest_hedgingway

Hedges and books galore. Do we need to say more? 

A hedgehog sitting on a typewriter.
Photo by ernest_hedgingway. See original post.


Shih Tzus and Book Reviews @shihtzus.and.book.reviews 

A brightly-colored account that’s perfect for summer reading ideas! 

A hat that says "do not disturb" laid on a beach towel with a book called "Marriage Vacation."
Photo by shihtzus.and.book.reviews. See original post.

Diana @bibliocoffee 

An account with a beautiful black & white aesthetic.

A shelf of books hanging on the wall with dried flowers.
Photo by Bibliocoffee. See original post.

Robby Reads @robbyreads

Robby Reads’ magical take on books is something you need in your life.

Stack of  bright books with a dragon on top
Photo by Robbyreads. See original post.


Star and Fleur @webookingloveit

A magical, woods-inspired account.

Mushroom, books and natural decor
Photo by Webookingloveit. See original post.


Book Bento Box @bookbento 

It’s a bento box of books and more.

A book called "The Pisces" surrounded by goldfish, nail polish, dried flowers, and Polaroids.
Photo by Bookbento. See original post.

Bookworm @bookwormgram

An account with beautiful, earthy book arrangements.

A pretty display of books with a candle.
Photo by Bookwormgram. See original post.


Bluestocking Bookshelf @bluestockingbookshelf

This account was originally on our list twice, it’s just that great!

A display of books with a black and red aesthetic including The Handmaid's Tale, The Bell Jar, Jane Eyre, and Jane Austen.
Photo by Bluestockingbookshelf. See original post.


And, of course, we have to include our favorite local accounts!

Old Firehouse Books @oldfirehousebooks

Tea and books from your favorite local bookstore.

Glass of local Happy Lucky's Tea on the counter at Old Firehouse Books.
Photo by Oldfirehousebooks. See original post.

Wolverine Farm @wolverinefarm

This is a great way to stay in touch with what events are being held at Wolverine Farm Letterpress & Publick House!

People at wolverine farm writing letters.
Photo by Wolverinefarm. See original post.