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Name: Summers Baker
Major: Creative Writing

What’s your favorite moment in Eddy Hall? Seeing Dan Robinson in his kilt.

Describe Eddy in one word. The Senate. That’s what I want you to write.

Who’s your favorite author or poet? At the moment, my favorite poet that I’ve been reading is George Oppers. And Robert Hass has always been one of my favorites.

What advice would you give to incoming CSU English majors? Read more than you’re assigned and never stop reading.

Tell the story of the chair you built for one of your English classes. It was Intro to American Lit, and [David Milofsky] said we could have extra credit, and do whatever we wanted. If he liked it, he’d give you extra credit. We were reading Walden at the time, and there’s a quote in it by Henry David Thoreau that says “I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society”. Because of that quote, I decided to build a solitude chair. It’s now my homework slash solitude chair.

Last words: Some friends and I started a poetry slam called Slamogadro, which is starting April 27th, and going on the final Sunday of every month at Avogadro’s Number. If you’re reading this, you should be there.

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Lauren Alessi, Assistant Director of the Community Literacy Center, is continuing in her third year at CSU. She began studying here in 2011, and is currently a master’s student in the Sociology department. Alessi shared her passion for the work that she does, and gave me more insight as to what the CLC does for the community.

What is your job position and current role at the CLC? I’m the assistant director of the CLC, so my role is to supervise the interns. We have four interns right now as well as the volunteers, and we have about 10 volunteers. I also research and apply for different grants because we are grant funded, and I do a lot of community outreach as well. We have publications that we put out each semester through our program, and so I’ll have people email me about the journals. We distribute them throughout the community and out of state.

What does your typical day of work consist of? A day at the office varies quite a bit. One of the main things we do is the “Speak Out Writing Workshop,” and that’s a weekly writing workshop that takes place at the jail. So some days there will be workshops going on, other days there are many meetings, or if there’s a grant due I’ll be working to get that together; there’s just a lot that goes on from week to week.

What is one of your favorite things about the CLC? One of my favorite things about the CLC is the community readings that we do each semester. Towards the end of the semester when the CLC publication comes out, we have community wide readings at the jail, and local coffee shops for the Turning Point groups. So the writers will share their work, and it has a poetry reading feel to it. With the jail readings, people from the community are allowed to come, and it’s a huge celebration of their work being published in the journal. It’s such a great event, and it’s cool to see them share the work that they’ve written.

Describe Eddy in one word. Traffic-jammed. [laughs]

Favorite book: It’s “The Age of Innocence”, by Edith Wharton. I just really love her voice, the way that she writes, and her kind of command of language; it’s really exciting for me.

Do you have any advice for English majors? Clear your bookshelves!

Please note: this edition of Humans of Eddy was originally published on the English Department’s Facebook page on March 13, 2014. Read more about this series.

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Writing Center Assistant Director: Megan Lemming

What’s been your favorite moment in Eddy Hall? My favorite moments have been working with a student one-on-one, which was awesome. Also, our concentration is called Rhetoric and Composition, and we have a colloquia in this building where we all get together. I really like seeing others in my concentration.

Describe Eddy in one word. The first word that comes to mind is diverse, and what I mean by that is that multiple departments are housed here and there are diverse services offered in this building, like the Ethics Center down the hall [from the Writing Center].

What’s your favorite part about working in the Writing Center? The fact that our goal is to help students, that’s my professional interest. Anything we can do to help students is my priority. Working in this capacity allows us to serve students in a very unique way. In addition to having their paper looked at, they learn something about the writing process to help with future work.

What advice would you give to writers? I don’t know if this is practical, but my advice would be to remember that all writing is contextual – there are no universal, transferable rules for specific writing tasks. When writing is taught there are often these blanket statements, and they’re not always applicable.

Please note: this edition of Humans of Eddy was originally published on the English Department’s Facebook page on March 3, 2014. Read more about this series.

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What’s your major?: English with a concentration in Creative Writing and Literature.

Favorite moment in Eddy Hall?: I’ve had fun times at the computer lab because I used to be in there at least three hours a day last semester and I got to socialize with all of the other English majors, but I don’t have any breaks between classes this semester so I’m kind of bummed.

Favorite English class or teacher?: Either Dan Robinson or David Milofsky. Dan was really enthusiastic about his subject, and David was more of a human in conversation rather than just a professor so I found him easy to relate to.

What is your favorite work of writing?: A short story called “Helix” by Banana Yoshimoto because the prose is very beautiful and I fell in love with the poetry of the words.

If you were to give advice to incoming CSU English majors, what would it be?: Get to know your professors well, because they love to help.

What are you currently reading?: A lot of literature about the Dust Bowl. Whatever man, I enjoy it.

Please note: this edition of Humans of Eddy was originally published on the English Department’s Facebook page on February 25, 2014. Read more about this series.

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• Name: Astrid Hanson
• Major: English
• Year: Senior
• Concentration: Creative Writing
• Favorite English Class: E333 – Critical Studies of Popular Texts with Roze Hentschell. “Roze is a great professor. I also liked that we had no exams, we just wrote essays.”
• Currently reading (for leisure): “The Wind Up Bird Chronicle” by Haruki Murakami
• Advice to students: “Always read because you’ll fall behind really fast if you don’t.”
• Dream Job: Editor
• Misc:  “The English department is helpful in finding you internships and careers if you’re interested.”

Please note: this edition of Humans of Eddy was originally published on the English Department’s Facebook page on February 6, 2014. Read more about this series.

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The English Department has two new interns, Brianna and Evelyn, working on telling our story in various ways. One of the ways they are doing so is a project we are calling “Humans of Eddy,” (inspired by the project “Humans of New York“). We plan to showcase the people of Eddy in their “natural habitat,” doing what they do here.

We’ll introduce you to the vibrant and diverse humans who inhabit Eddy Hall (and beyond) and all the interesting things they are working on and thinking about.

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