University Composition Program

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University Composition Program

Composition at a Glance

The University Composition Program is a vital part of The Department of English at Colorado State University. Over 6,000 students enroll in lower- and upper-division writing and rhetoric courses focused on preparing students to succeed in university and professional writing contexts. We offer ten lower-division and upper-division courses in writing and rhetoric, including College Composition (CO150), Writing in the Disciplines: Sciences (CO301B), Writing in Digital Environments (CO302), and Principles of Digital Rhetoric and Design (CO402).

Our courses, which fulfill the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCC) requirements, prepare students to write, research, and design documents across audiences, genres, and contexts. The English department also offers an undergraduate degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Literacy and a graduate degree in Writing, Rhetoric, and Social Change.

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