Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence (JUR) is a peer-reviewed, undergraduate journal registered with the Library of Congress that accepts submissions of any subject, from any undergraduate institution.

This is a journal where undergraduates have an opportunity to publish their own work and showcase their talents in any academic subject. Research, poetry, reviews, and art can be featured side-by-side as a testament to the scholarly power of undergraduate students.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered at the Office of Undergraduate Research and Artistry in the Institute for Learning and Teaching Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, JUR Press is an undergraduate-run publishing house. Their mission is to print outstanding undergraduate research, scholarly articles, and creative works to make them available to the public and connect the worldwide community of college undergraduates. Their flagship product is the Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence, printed annually and open to students internationally.

Previous publications in JUR, the sort of things an English major might write and submit:


  • Inequitable marriage: Financial dependence of women in the Victorian novel 
  • A commentary on the life of Eleanor Roosevelt through Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development theory 
  • An Appeal to Anyone Writing Anything
  • The Geology of Who You Share Your Bed With 
  • Unique spaces, unique states of mind: the Thai forest monks and the Abhidhamma method of conscious states and meditation 
  • Judging emotion in reason: the effect of emotion in the Anglo-American legal system


Submission Deadline: March 14th, 2016

Internships: They aren’t planning on hiring any new interns for the Spring, but there are plans for positions in the Fall.

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