Blue skies over Eddy Hall
Blue skies over Eddy Hall
  • Dan Beachy-Quick will be the Hurst Visiting Professor at Washington University from Feb 22 to March 3.
  • Hannah Caballero (aka Nizam-Aldine – she got married and changed her name!) will present the results of her year-long classroom-based research project, “L2 English Writers’ Perceptions of Audio Versus Written Summative Feedback,” at the 2016 American Association for Applied Linguistics Conference.
  • Brittany Goss’s (MFA ‘13) short story “A Simple Life” was published in the Fall 2015 issue of Confrontation.
  • Mary Crow’s poem, “A Poem in Which Sand Figures Prominently Again,” has been accepted for publication by Cargo.
  • “Floodables,” by Dr. Kayann Short (BA 1981; MA 1988), an essay about the aftermath of the 2013 Front Range flood, appears in the inaugural issue of Mad River Review.