From Jill Salahub, English Department Communications Coordinator: I am so happy to introduce the English Department’s Communications Interns for Fall 2016 — Joyce Bohling, Haley Huffman, and Courtney Satchell. Just like the position description stated, they are creative and enthusiastic CSU students with good communication and writing skills who are super excited to help us tell the story of the English Department. We had our first official meeting last week, and the room was full of so much good energy and so many great ideas! I can’t wait to share more of their work with you. If you have any ideas of what they should be writing about, events they should be attending, people they should profile, etc., send those suggestions my way.


From Joyce Bohling: Hello! I’m Joyce, and I’m very excited to be joining the English department communications team for fall 2016. Not only will it be a wonderful opportunity to learn more about a department that does so much to support me alongside hundreds other graduate and undergraduate students, but also to learn a new set of writing skills for a new audience and context. Writing, after all, is a very employable skill, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

The majority of my web writing experience comes from my food blog, The Hungry Caterpillar. I really like food. I also like swing dancing, bike riding, cats, good books of all kinds (but especially memoirs), mountains, public radio, Star Trek, tea, teaching, yoga, and cheesy 80’s music.

This will be my second year in the creative nonfiction program here at CSU, which means I better start cranking out a thesis soon. Writing, coursework, attending to my food blog and teaching CO150 as a second-year Graduate Teaching Assistant keep me plenty busy. But don’t worry—I’ll be finding a few hours each week to let you know what’s going on here in the English department. I’m looking forward to learning all that I can.


From Haley Huffman: “It’s better to look back and think ‘I can’t believe I did that,’ than to look back and think “I wish I did that.’” My name is Haley Huffman and I am a senior Journalism and Media Communications major with an English minor. I’m still figuring out my end game with these areas of study, but ideally I would like to become involved in the editing and publishing business. I am from Denver, where my family still resides with two cats and two dogs. I love animals and all of our pets are rescues. I am also a huge Denver Broncos fan and I go to as many home games as I can with my dad. When I’m not yelling at oversized, sweaty men on a football field, I can be found reading and drinking coffee. I have a passion for literature and I am very excited to be working with the English Department as a Communications Intern so I can broaden my literary experiences and chronicle those for you all.


From Courtney Satchell: Courtney is a Junior at CSU currently earning her undergraduate degree in Ethnic Studies and English Lit. She’s obsessed with movies, writes angsty poetry, and takes way too many photos of her cat. She’s seen the movie Princess Bride way too many times and Twilight is the bane of her existence. When she isn’t doing school work you can find her loitering the halls of the Eddy Building.