Professor Roze Hentschell

What were you working on while on Sabbatical?
I was working on my book, tentatively titled, “The Cultural Geography of St Paul’s Precinct.” I also finished an article for Early Theatre, submitted final page proofs for an essay in The Oxford Companion to the Age of Shakespeare and worked on promotion study abroad experience I will be leading this summer,

What did you miss or not miss while you were away?
I wasn’t really away, since I was hiding out in an office in Aylesworth writing, so I popped into Eddy every once in a while. I did miss casual hallway conversations, but despite my deep affection for my colleagues, I did not miss committee work.

What are you working on now?
I am writing the final chapter of the St. Paul’s book and am also writing a proposal for the book to send out to publishers.

Can you tell us about the Shakespeare summer course in Oxford that you are organizing?
Last summer I was sent to Oxford learn about setting up a summer course for CSU Honors students and in the year since, we have worked with International Programs to get it started. I will be taking the first group of student this May. 10 students will be taking a 4 week, 3 credit experiential Shakespeare course with me, in which we will see plays at the Globe in London, by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and by Oxford drama students. We will also have field trips to Bath and Windsor and will have several well-known Shakespeare scholars come speak to us. In addition, the students will take a 3-credit independent tutorial with an Oxford professor in their specialized field of study. None of the students are English majors, which I hope will change in future years. I am beyond excited for this opportunity.

You and Ellen Brinks have both worked with the Honors Department to help create English-focused study abroad opportunities. Can you tell us a little bit about working with them?
The Honors Program is very keen to expand the opportunities for study abroad experiences in summer. Many honors students don’t feel that they can take a whole semester off, so summer is an ideal time to get a study abroad experience. Once we decided to go ahead with the Oxford program, CSU’s amazing International Programs office has taken over the business side of things.

Roze Hentschell discussing a text with her E630C: Special Topics in Literature-Theory and Technique Studies - Space and Place in Literary Studies graduate class
Roze Hentschell discussing a text with her E630C Space and Place in Literary Studies graduate class

After having served as Assistant Department chair, has your advice for students taking a class in the department changed?
I will only reiterate what I said before: take classes in areas outside your comfort zone and outside what you think you are interested in. Those are the classes that can change your life! Also, don’t wait until the last minute to register because it drives the assistant chair crazy!

What would you want a prospective student to know about the Literature program?
The literature program is packed with internationally recognized scholars who are also caring and energetic award-winning teachers. The courses offered are carefully designed to expose students to a vast array of literary genres, historical periods, and critical methodologies. I wish I could sit in on all of them!

Have there been any big developments since your last faculty profile?
Alas, no.