Beth Lechleitner, Senior Instructor

A black and white photo of Beth Lechleitner looking at the camera with stacks of books in the background

Beth Lechleitner leaves after 17 years in the Department of English. She began teaching in the Department of English as an Instructor in 2003, was awarded a Senior Teaching Appointment in 2012, and will retire as a Senior Instructor. By her count, she has taught more than 3200 students in five different courses in that time. She taught primarily lower- and upper-division composition and served three terms as an Upper-Division Composition Administrator. In that role she led professional development opportunities and participated in curriculum redesign. She served on four major committees in the department—Hiring, Executive, Composition, and Evaluation. Beth had an impact on the department’s culture as well through her participation on the Innovation Team and her leadership of the department’s first (and so far only) Community Service Day. For the last few years, she has co-led Finals Friends in December—a week of small gifts from unnamed givers until the Friday reveal. Last year Beth was the recipient of the Fledge Poetry Prize from Middle Creek Publishing for her chapbook Catchments, and although she will miss the interaction with students, she looks forward to more writing in retirement. Beth retired from the department in December of 2020.

Contribute to Beth’s electronic scrapbook by sending a memory of her or the department in the last 17 years, or a quotation or poem to launch/guide her into retirement.  She would also welcome a photo of anyone who sends a note. The photo can be one of your choice or the one on the department site.  Send to