The semester of Fall 2020 was perhaps one of the most challenging in CSU’s history–both for students and faculty. Many students struggled, and continue to struggle, with their mental health as a result of the pandemic. Safety precautions such as distance learning, quarantine, and limited contact have made it challenging for many students to socialize and experience life outside of their academic responsibilities. Compounded with the difficulties of learning online or in a socially-distanced environment these precautions have seen many students struggling with their mental health.

In the most recent issue of the College of Liberal Arts Magazine, Communications and Social Media Coordinator Gabe Saldana explored the complexities of mental health issues along with some of the measures the Department of English has taken in order to support students. Including interviews with graduate students, instructors, members of the department’s Speak Out! program, this article investigates the ways we respond through reading, writing, and creative and critical thinking as we work to support students in the midst of uncertainty. Read the full article here: “Mental Health, Community-building, and the Challenges of a Global Pandemic: How the Department of English moves forward in the wake of COVID-19.”