Marnie Leonard, Graduate Program Assistant

A photo of Marnie Leonard looking at the camera with a bookshelf in the background For more than 20 years, Marnie has worked in the English department. Her official title is Graduate Program Assistant, but informally we might call her The Master of Transitions. She has been responsible for managing the admission of more than 2000 new graduate students and helping them navigate the path of their programs through every stage leading to the oral defense of a thesis, portfolio, or project and to an MA or MFA. She also hired GTAs annually, adding up to approximately 650 over 20 years. Marnie has helped faculty and staff transition to new programs and processes in the Graduate School, such as the introduction of SLATE and, just this year, electronic signatures on forms. Beyond the graduate responsibilities, she has prepared faculty book orders for each semester and summer. She annually assigned faculty offices, a complex and potentially sensitive project. A few years ago, Marnie created lovely centerpieces for the tables at the annual awards reception. Retirement will provide Marnie more time to devote to creative ventures, such as writing and publishing more fiction. Marnie retired from her position in December of 2020.

Cards or notes may be sent to Marnie c/o the Department of English, 1773 Campus Delivery, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1773.