Whether you live in the area or will be traveling to Fort Collins for the weekend, we would love for you to join us in our homecoming festivities on October 16th. Come help us celebrate our return to the new and renovated Eddy! Drop by our open house between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on the third floor of Eddy Hall, where there will be a band, tours of the new building, refreshments in the Whitaker Conference Room, and a special presentation at 3 p.m. Please RSVP to Louann.Reid@colostate.edu so we can be sure to have enough refreshments on hand.

In the days leading up to the English department’s “Homecoming Celebration” (October 16th from 2-4pm),we will be highlighting some special memories from our alumni. Here are some special memories about Dr. Robert Zoellnor:  

Paulette Garrison Evans Deutsch (Class of 1967): 

I had Dr. Zoellnor for my Survey of American Lit; Melville and another author; and Steinbeck plus others in the four years that I was at CSU.  He was the professor who taught me how to appreciate American writers, to delve into the topic more thoroughly during discussions, and to write with conviction and support of my ideas.  His teaching has helped me with my career as a middle school English teacher.  Since I began teaching in 1967, I have shared my story of how devastated I was when my first mid term exam was returned with a number of “rough” terms across the front!  I realized that none of my high school teachers had taught me how to be specific in my support.  As a sophomore, I was lucky to receive a C from him.  My junior year, I earned a B, and finally, in my senior year, I was pleased to have an A for his course.  I am fortunate to have attended CSU as I have a strong background in our English language as well as the American writers dating back to the pilgrims!

Doris Goldsmith Melnick (Class of 1968)

Doris Goldsmith Melnick (Class of 1968):

The memory I will always remember is one of Dr. Robert Zoellner.  I took many classes from him as an English major and there must have been one in my senior year for those of us who were planning to be teachers. I clearly recall him almost screaming at us not to use a RED pen and BLEED all over our students’ papers.  Of course I went on to use a red pen on occasion and always heard his message ringing in my ears.  Sometimes that red ink was needed to get the attention of a few disinterested intermediate students. I am sure I am among many who was greatly influenced by this fine professor and his love of the written word.

To read more memories from our alumni in honor of Homecoming, you can find the whole series here. If you would like to share your own memory from your time with the CSU English department, please send a description of your favorite memory and an accompanying photo to Joelle Paulson at jpaulso2@gmail.com. We’d love to hear what you remember!