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Portrait of Molly Reid

Alumna Profile: Molly Reid

Molly Reid MFA Creative Writing: Fiction, 2007 PhD in Literature & Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati BOA Short Fiction Prize winner for her collection of short stories, The Rapture Index: A Suburban Bestiary Fall 2019 Gettysburg College Emerging […]

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Portrait of Cara McDonald

Alumna Profile: Cara McDonald

Cara McDonald Editorial Director Evergreen Custom Media MA English: Communication Development, 1998 Where are you working now? I’m self employed; I work with a business partner, and we own Fort Collins, Winter Park Mountain Living and Breckenridge magazines. How did your […]

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Joanna Doxey in the snow

Alumna Profile: Joanna Doxey

Joanna Doxey Academic Success Coordinator (i.e. Academic Advisor) for English, Ethnic Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies in the College of Liberal Arts at CSU MFA Creative Writing: Poetry, 2013 How did your major prepare you for the job, the life […]

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Picture of Lorraine Arvizo in her office

Alumna Profile: Lorraine Arvizo

Lorraine Arvizo English Teacher at Northglenn High School Graduated from English: English Education, 2012 How did your major prepare you for the job, the life you have now? Majoring in English helped me gain the content of teaching English. I […]

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Portrait of Felicia Zamora

Alumna Profile: Felicia Zamora

Disclaimer: We love to profile Felicia Zamora here on the blog. She’s always doing something interesting and noteworthy, is a genuinely wonderful human, and we like to keep in touch with her. If you’d like to read some previous stories, […]

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Portrait of Emily Wortman-Wunder

Alumni Profile: Emily Wortman-Wunder

Emily Wortman-Wunder MFA: Creative Writing/Fiction, 2003 How did your major prepare you for the job, the life you have now? I teach writing, which I wouldn’t be doing if I hadn’t gotten the MFA. More complicatedly, I teach scientific writing, […]

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Joyce with bike

Humans of Eddy: Joyce Bohling

Feel like you recognize this week’s Human of Eddy? In a previous life, she was a communications intern for the English department, (as well as a graduate student, which makes her another kind of alumna as well), and we published […]

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Alumni Profile: J. D. Williams

~from Mary Ellen Sanger Everything bends toward a hopeful search for meaning, as J. D. Williams (B.A. Liberal Arts with a minor in English, M.A. English: English Education) describes his time at CSU and beyond: “In college, we serve knowledge […]

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Alumni Profile: Gabe Martinez

~from intern Joyce Bohling Last year, Gabe Martinez graduated from the CSU with his master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition. Today, he works as Communications Specialist for the USDA AgLearn program. In this post, he shares some thoughts about his […]

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