group photo at Stanley Hotel
Exploring the Stanley Hotel! (From left to right: Joelle Paulson, Shannon Dale, Sam Iacovetto, Amanda Memoli, Lydia Page, Megan Lemming, and Kristie Yelinek)

One of my favorite memories was when my friends and I all went to Estes Park and I scared them with one of my night terrors.

Six of us did the ghost tour at The Stanley. It was a bit of a dud; our tour guide was bonkers, and no matter how hard we tried to antagonize the ghosts, they wouldn’t show up. We had a great BBQ dinner before we all crashed in one room at the Econo Lodge. We slept two to each bed, and two on the floor in sleeping bags. Just a few hours after we fell asleep, apparently I scrambled out of bed, and announced, “There’s a man at the window.” I don’t remember this, but I remember everyone’s responses the next morning. I effectively incited creepy chaos in the room, then crawled back into bed, asleep, as though nothing every happened. Then I slept like an evil baby. Yay!

I also really loved when Whitney Dean and I would use our ten-minute breaks in classes to sprint up and down the stairs of Eddy, or do push-ups and sit-ups and planks in the hallway.

Finally, without Debby Thompson (and her love of Foucault) I would not be so lucky to have a husband, who, when feeling oppressed, walks around the house shouting, “PANOPTICON!”

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