I came to CSU as an English major in 2008. I transferred there after finishing two years of college in St. Louis. Coming to CSU, especially as an English major, was one of the most fruitful times in my life, intellectually, imaginatively, and jovially speaking. The warmth of the material, the talent of Department, and the challenge of studying English literature was the perfect scenario for me as a young man. I read more in those few years than I ever have in a period of the same length, and I had the guidance of some brilliant professors to lead me through the journey.

I had numerous professors worth mentioning. People like Leif Sorensen, Ellen Brinks, and David Milofsky, to name a few. However, my three favorite professors were undoubtedly Rebecca Kennedy, Lisa Langstraat, and William Marvin. Those three teach their classes with passion and zeal, and made learning literature, language, and theory a lifelong passion for me. My deep interest in mythology, medieval literature, and critical analysis of texts stems from the multiple courses I took by those three. They have all written me letters of recommendation (more than once) and I look at them now as friends. To pinpoint one favorite moment would be too challenging. But, I will never forget how enthralling William Marvin is at the front of a class, or how joyous and excited he became when I was the only person in his mythology class to speak up and say that the significance of book 22 in the Iliad is that Hector dies.

The whole Department deserves credit for their efforts. And I can say I am proud to be a CSU Ram, especially one who has a diploma from the Department of English. My time in the CSU English department was one of the happiest times in my life, ephemeral as it may have been. I cannot wait to see the new building once I return to the US. Until then, I wish everyone the best and I hope Eddy Hall is full of light, color, and lots of books.

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