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Welcome to English@80, celebrating 80 years of English as an independent department at Colorado State University

Louann Reid

Professor and Department Chair


I am thrilled you showed up and glad to welcome you into this digital space.

The English@80 webpage is the online home of our 2019-2020 celebration commemorating 80 years as an independent department at Colorado State University. As we look back at the evolution of English as subject, discipline, and department, we are celebrating the people who have played some role in our history. This celebration is for you.

English@80 provides opportunities for you to connect or reconnect with the people and a place important to you. I invite you to special gatherings associated with our year of celebration. Check out the Events Calendar. I urge you to use these occasions to engage with our students, faculty and staff, and to share your stories and experiences with us.

You can fill out the simple form on this page if you want a quick and easy way to share your story. Also feel free to contact us directly with a longer email message or by sending us a letter.

Mailing Address
Department of English
359 Willard O. Eddy Hall
1773 Campus Delivery
Ft. Collins, CO 80523-1773

As you browse this page, see how people, places and spaces have contributed to our vibrant and impactful department history. Learn a little about our direction today and find out how you can engage with us now.

For a deeper dive into moments that shaped the Department of English, scroll to English@80: A Historical Column by instructor Laura Thomas. It features photos from the past and narrative portraits of impactful periods over the last 80 years. Check back for more. We are adding several columns a month.

As you can see, we are proud of this department’s legacy and historical successes, and we recognize that we would not be where we are without our people. Above all, English@80 is a celebration of us, and that means you.

Welcome again and warm regards,

Louann Reid Signature

Louann Reid

Professor and Chair | Department of English

Look for the English@80 symbol

Keep an eye out for the English@80 mark throughout 2020. Anytime this symbol appears is an opportunity for you to engage with us. Attend free events, meet people connected to the English department, and take advantage of the many opportunities we offer to all students of Colorado State University.

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Engage with English@80: A calendar of events

The English Department offers a robust schedule of live events throughout each semester at Colorado State University. Join us in person throughout the 2019-2020 English@80 celebration!

Most of the entries on this calendar are free of charge and open to all. They aim to cultivate diverse communities around common interests while fostering exchange of ideas.

These gatherings provide unique opportunities for direct engagement with department faculty and students. They invite major literary voices, offer informal spaces for fellowship, and celebrate scholarship and creativity.

We hope to see you there!

Share Your Story | English@80

Fill in and submit this form for a quick and easy way to share your English Department story and experience with us.

English @80: A historical column

As we celebrate 80 years of English as a standalone department at Colorado State University, this column by department instructor Laura Thomas captures moments in our history for readers’ edification and delight. Scroll for column entries and explore the rest of the page for ways to engage with English @80 throughout 2019-2020 at CSU.

Laura Thomas

Instructor, Senior Teaching Appointment

Column Entries

Old Main building historical photo

English becomes a department

Born in 1939: Margaret Atwood, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Lily Tomlin, Francis Ford Coppola, and English as a stand-alone department at Colorado State College of […]

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Martha Trimble

1940s: Impacts of WWII

As we might expect, the World War II era changed life at Colorado State College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts (CSC). The newly formed English […]

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William and Lila Morgan with collies

After WWII

The English Department entered its second decade in 1949 amidst the rapid and significant changes of the post-World War II era. Several icons of 20th […]

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Pete Seegers' Banjo

1950s: A time of change, a new name

Ideally, a student who is getting his mathematics, his paleontology, his microbiology and all the other ‘ologies’ can come under the influence of a kindly […]

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Library stock photo

Support for the humanities

In spite of CSU President William Morgan’s strong belief in the value of humanistic education and of the renaming of the institution as a university, […]

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Willard O. Eddy building flooded

Homes of the English department

As Homecoming 2019 arrived on campus in October, the university officially kicked off its 150th birthday celebration. And as English at CSU observes its 80th […]

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The Scribblers Club

Lasting legacies: Following the ’50s

English hit the 20-year mark as a standalone department in 1959. It was the year that Gigi won nine Academy Awards, besting Gone With the […]

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1960s illustration

Entering the tumultuous ’60s

Referring to the 1960s as a tumultuous decade has becoming a cliché, but like all such expressions, it earned its overuse by ringing true. Calling […]

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Martha Trimble with student

Student life in the 1960s

November 2, 1964. You are seven weeks into your first quarter as an English major at CSU. You’re one of 10, 175 students enrolled at […]

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