March 2016 Monthly Archive

News of Note Week of March 21

Dan Beachy-Quick’s book of poems, gentlessness, has been named a finalist for the Colorado Book Award in Poetry. Dan Beachy-Quick’s poem, “Endangered Species,” is up today at the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day site: SueEllen Campbell and John Calderazzo spent […]

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Humans of Eddy: Breanna

~From English Department Communications Intern Kaitlyn Phillips Her name’s Breanna and she only had time for one question, so I asked “What made you want to become an English Major?” and her answer was “I loved reading fantasy books as […]

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News of Note Week of March 7

Antero Garcia has a new chapter titled “Teacher as Dungeon Master: Connected learning, democratic classrooms, and rolling for initiative” in the book The role-playing society: Essays on the cultural influence of RPGs (MacFarland). Antero Garcia has been announced as a […]

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