Each summer, CSU English majors and minors, as well as students in the University Honors Program, get to call themselves by another name: Oxonians.

Fun day in Stratford-upon- Avon, birthplace of the Bard!

Taking place in Oxford, England, this faculty-led program allows students to take an individualized course with Oxford University affiliated faculty for one-on-one tutorials in their field of interest. Additionally, students encounter Shakespeare off of the written page by attending several performances—including one at the reconstructed Globe Theater.

Field trips are abundant and a routine part of the Oxford experience as students can travel to Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare’s birth and burial place), Windsor Castle, Bath, and London. Students are also able to make their own weekend travel plans—Wales is a popular destination.

This year, Professor of English Dr. Aparna Gollapudi led students in the five-week program and crafted a special assignment for them: An experiential blog post documenting a specific experience, observation, or cultural insight made during the program.

New College aglow during a midnight departure. Photo credit: Nox Carmenate.

These blog posts spanned first impressions, small joys and big adventures, as well as personal reflections at the conclusion of the program. Braden Bomgaars, a double major in English literature and political science, wrote about his time punting on the River Cherwell and the chatty locals he met along the way.

Junior Nox Carmenate, who is studying creative writing and linguistics, described the city’s magical walkability; while for honors student Nt Thiam, becoming an Oxonian also meant experiencing oxoniensis. Thiam, a junior studying biology and economics, learned that the term means “part of Oxford,” and decided to focus on it for her assignment.

To explore all of our students’ Oxfordian experiences, visit our new webpage.

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