Things are greening up and the bike racks are full at Eddy Hall, image by Jill Salahub
Things are greening up and the bike racks are full at Eddy Hall, image by Jill Salahub
  • Barbara Sebek led a seminar on “Reimagining Topicality” at the Shakespeare Association conference in St. Louis earlier this month. A group of scholars wrote papers addressing the wide variety of ways that topical references operate in the work of Shakespeare, Jonson, and others. Her essay on how Shakespeare’s Falstaff participates in cultural debates over beer, ale, and increasingly popular Spanish wines will soon appear in Shakespeare Studies volume 42. The essay is called “More natural to the nation: Situating Shakespeare in the Querelle de Canary.”
  • Mary Crow has had several poems accepted for publication: “In My Beginning” by Common Ground Review, “Variations” and “Walking Thoughts” by Cimarron Review, “Due Diligence” by Tulane Review, “Into the Desert” by Packington Review, “Seals Bobbin in the Sea” by Pinyon Poetry. She has also been accepted for a week in August at the Ashbery Home School. “The Ashbery Home School of Hudson, New York is a one-week writing conference from August 10th to August 15th, 2014 which welcomes poets who seek to redefine their practice through a radical consideration of the other arts—music, cinema, the visual arts, dance as well as other media. Featuring daily workshops, guest seminars & readings by visiting poets and nightly film screenings, AHS is a concentrated, unique engagement between poetry and the arts in the historic setting of Hudson, New York,” (
  • Department alumna Colleen Fullbright (1990s) has recently revised her 2005 book Cancer: How to Help a Friend Who Has Cancer and it will be published by the American Cancer Society.

Upcoming Events of Interest

  • April 27, 2014: Slamogadro Poetry Slam – Avogadro’s Number will be hosting a Poetry Slam on the final Sunday of every month, April 27th is the first one. 7:00 pm signup, 7:30 start – All are welcome.
  • May 1, 2014: Reading Series – Kaelyn Riley & Ben Findlay MFA Thesis Reading (Poetry & Fiction), Thursday, 7:30pm University Art Museum.
  • May 9. 2014: Final day of classes, Spring 2014
  • May 12th – 16th: Finals Week