What: Monfort Professor Lecture
When: 4 pm April 1st
Where: 101 Pathology
Who: Dan Beachy-Quick, a CSU English professor, will present a talk entitled “Considering the Made-Thing: Thoughts on Poetry, Ancient Greek, and the Strange Difficulty of Quietness.”

Dan Beachy-Quick, the first CSU faculty member in the humanities to receive a Monfort Professorship, is fascinated with silence. So much so that he is writing a book-length essay on the topic. The talk will include readings from his essay on silence, as well as the important role the humanities plays in the way society deals with current events and pressing issues.

Beachy-Quick said he is concerned that the humanities have fallen to the wayside of central conversations at universities across the country. “I want to bring to light some of the larger ecological and philosophical concerns about humanities in a STEM-based university,” he said in a recent interview with CSU SOURCE. “The university system arose from the humanities. We need as multi-faceted of an approach to the problems we are facing as possible.” Read more: http://source.colostate.edu/silence-please-monfort-professor-to-discuss-poetry-ancient-greek-quietness/