From Jill Salahub, English Department Communications Coordinator: “I am so happy to introduce the English Department’s Communications Interns for Fall 2018 —  Ciara Baird and Katie Haggstrom, (who has been working with me since Spring 2017, and is so amazing I asked her to stay on for one more semester even though she finished her degree). Just like the position description states, they are creative and enthusiastic CSU students with good communication and writing skills who are super excited to help us tell the story of the English Department. If you have any ideas of what they should be writing about, events they should be attending, people they should profile, etc., please send those suggestions my way.”

Portrait of Ciara Baird
Ciara Baird

Ciara Baird began studying English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing at Colorado State in 2016. She is a Fort Collins native; however, she spent two years studying psychology at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, returning to Colorado in 2015. She will be graduating in May with her B.A. Ciara’s favorite genre to read is “Thriller” (she also enjoys a good scary movie). Outside of writing poetry, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Gus and Prince, and listening to music. Her favorite bands are The Neighbourhood and Twenty One Pilots.

Picture of Katie Haggstrom in her graduation robes
Katie Haggstrom

I’m Katie and I just graduated with my Master’s in English, Literature this May. But I love the English department too much to leave just yet! I’m excited to attend readings and share all of my different adventures with you. If anyone has any questions about pursing an English undergraduate or graduate degree, or how to adult after graduation, I’m always happy to help!