Bruce Shields is a 2012 graduate of CSU’s MFA in fiction writing program. He currently teaches composition and English courses, as well as works as the Associate Director of the Writing Center.

Bruce Profile Pic

How would you describe your work in the English Department? 

It’s dynamic and challenging every day and that’s what’s most rewarding.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I have the privilege of teaching in the department, as well as working in the CSU Writing Center. As an instructor, I love engaging with students in the classroom and participating in their development as writers. In the Writing Center, I work as a director so most of my work is behind the scenes. There, the challenges are different, but just as rewarding. For instance, I love being a part of my staff’s professional development. I’ve been with the CSU Writing Center since arriving as a graduate student in 2009 and it’s been exciting to see it grow and transform.

Why are the Humanities important?

I believe the Humanities really challenges us to consider what it means to be a human. Studying and teaching in the Humanities has given me the opportunity explore art, connect more deeply with our shared history, and to contribute creative works to this ongoing conversation. That’s what I want students to see, to understand, that the Humanities allows us to challenge what we perceive to be our essential selves.

What is your favorite thing to teach? Favorite thing about teaching?

I love teaching creative writing. It allows students to get in touch with and refine their creative selves.

When you’re not working, what do you do?

I value being an active person. I love to run and do so as often as possible.