Writing Center Consultants 2019-2020
Writing Center Consultants 2019-2020

Do you have a way with words and a desire to encourage writers? Do you value community and collaboration? In the Writing Center, we know that writing is a conversation best enjoyed over coffee and shared among peers. We’re not editors, but we’re a community of writers helping clients to find their own voices.

Apply for a consultant position for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021!

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The application is open to graduate students and upper-division undergraduate students. The application process includes two parts:

  • Online application through CSU’s Handshake portal. This application is required for CSU records and to expedite background checks required of all CSU Employees
  • Application Supporting Documents to be submitted via this application form:
    • Resume, cover letter, and writing sample (see below for details)
    • Schedule of availability for Fall 2020.
    • Statement of Agreement of CSU Writing Center Policies and Procedures
    • IMPORTANT: Availability to attend our Orientation weekend during the first week of classes (Aug 29th & 30th)
    • IMPORTANT: Open schedule during our weekly professional development training (9-10am on Wednesdays)

Position Description: CSU Writing Center Consultant

The CSU Writing Center annually holds over 5,000 consultations with diverse writers from all disciplines. Writing Center consultants are members of a vibrant community of writers as they work, one-on-one, with students, faculty and community members on writing projects that range from first-year composition essays, to graduate-level theses and dissertations, to job application materials.

Position Requirements

  • Applicants must be enrolled as an upper-division or graduate student for the 2020/21 academic year. (Please note: If you are a graduate student with another position on campus, you will need to seek permission from the Graduate School if your total working hours will exceed 20 hours/week)
  • Applicants must be available for a minimum of four hours per week and may work a maximum of eighteen hours per week.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work, one-on-one, with writers in face-to-face consultations, online video conferencing, and online draft responses.
  • Participate in all required, paid professional development meetings. These meetings address skills such as consultation best practices; understanding rhetorical approaches to writing; writing process theory and practice; working with English Language Learners; identifying sentence-level patterns of error in writing; addressing diversity in language practice, etc.
  • Ensure completion of all required consultation records (client report forms in our on-line appointment system, post-consultation client reflection forms, etc.).
  • Adhere to CSU Writing Center policies and procedures, and represent the CSU Writing Center in professional and supportive manner in both person and in written correspondence.
  • Contribute to a community of writers by maintaining working schedule without tardiness or excessive absence.
  • Conduct related research and special projects as requested by Writing Center directors.

To Apply

  •  Submit required information for this position via Handshake
  • On this form submit your availability, statement of agreement, and the following supporting documents:
      • A resume, including phone numbers/email addresses of two references (please briefly explain their relationship—e.g., professor, supervisor, etc.).
      • A 2-4 page writing sample, from an upper-division course, that represents your writing skills. Your writing sample may be a single essay, an excerpt from a longer writing project, or several short pieces (e.g., lab reports).
      • An extended 2-3 page cover letter that addresses:
        • Why you are interested in the writing center consultation position;
        • Any experiences you’ve had in tutoring positions or other positions that would prepare you for work in a writing center
        • A discussion of your submitted writing sample. What do you consider its strengths and/or weaknesses? Why?
      • Your supporting documents should be combined as a single PDF

Applications are due by April 20, 2020. Send any questions to the CSU Writing Center Director, Dr. Lisa Langstraat (lisa.langstraat@colostate.edu).